Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abandonment is a Crime.

Jake sat on the windowsill of his home as he usually does when he wanted to come inside to be with his human family. After five days of waiting, he could not understand why his family was not letting him in. He was hungry and cold. He yearned for his master’s warm bed, his favorite toy and a bowl of his favorite food. Jake, an abandoned pet cat, set free to fend for himself. As we see cats roaming our neighborhoods, have they been abandoned by their human families? We have to believe people who leave their pets behind due to foreclosures of their homes, or leaving an apartment complex, are not abandoning them. People who abandon their pets think their pet will be able to fend for themselves or someone will take care of their pet, which is farthest from the truth. Pet cats are not accustomed to hunt for food outside their homes. They wait for their family to return back home, days if not for weeks, then become lethargic too weak to hunt. If they are lucky, sometimes they will locate a feral cat colony, begging for friendship and for nourishment. Sometimes the colony accepts them, but most likely, the colony will reject them, not allowing outsiders to join. So they roam our neighborhoods, looking for nourishment and a place away from harsh weather. So the next time you see a cat roaming your neighborhood, think of several things: 1. Is it one of your neighbor’s cats that allow it to go outside? 2. Is it an abandoned cat? has one of your neighbors recently moved? 3. Is it a feral cat? know the difference between a stray cat or a feral? CAUTION: Never approach or touch an animal that you do not know personally. The animal could be carrying diseases or be rabid. Jake was one of the lucky ones because an observant neighbor noticed him before it was too late. After humanely trapping him in a hav-a-heart, the neighbor was able to locate a rescue organization. Having no micro-chip to identify who the owner was, Jake was placed with a foster home until a new owner adopts him.

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