Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scream of Death strikes terror in local community.

Neighbors Hear Animal's Death Screams and Do Nothing

In my own personal opinion, several big cat sanctuaries might be profiting in selling their ill and elderly exotic felines (lions and tigers) to butchers for exotic meat?

Recently in the news, it has been reported that several restaurants are serving tiger and lion meat to customers. Tiger and Lion meat is considered a delicacy by some people and has been found in several restaurants in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Florida.

African lions are not endangered so the meat is legal to sell; but deeper investigation reveals the market for the king of the beasts is a part of mostly unregulated and shady exotic animal trade that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says is a multibillion-dollar industry.

On The Exotic Meat Market they advertise Iguana, African Lion and Kangaroo but are not specific as to where they obtain the lion meat, however you can order Lion hamburger and steak, a lion tenderloin retails for $1,400.

It was reported in the news, that a slaughter house was discovered behind Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida.

According to Fox Tampa Bay news, the Slaughter farm in Tampa Florida was found during an undercover investigation by ARM (Animal Recovery Mission.Org) agent Richard Couto and USDA. This slaughterhouse is adjacent to Big Cat Rescue, is this just a mere coincidence? One of Big Cat Rescue’s employees reported to the news station, that bullet holes were discovered in several of their panel fences.

USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) has confirmed to FOX 13 that they have an on going investigation, as does the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, however a sheriff's spokesman says the ban on selling horse meat in Florida that took effect two years ago doesn't forbid someone from killing a horse for their own personal consumption. The man who wrote the Senate version of that 2010 legislation doesn't see it that way. Former State Senator Victor Crist is now a Hillsborough County Commissioner whose district includes Citrus Park.

"If for whatever reason there are loopholes here that others may have been clever to navigate through, then I would work to find a way to close those," Crist said. Crist says he was horrified by what he saw on Kudo's video—not just what appears to be the sale of horse meat, but the slaughter of other animals. What other animals may he have seen? He does not say. But we can only speculate at this time, the possibility of big cat carcasses.

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  1. I wouldn't put it past Carole Lewis Baskin to be involved somehow.

  2. This article and the response from LLovelace are totally unsubstantiated and appear to be only posted to discredit BCR. Perhaps they are posted in an all out attempt to promote other such places in neighboring cities in Florida.